Dubai: once one of the world’s most expensive cities to live in and now a hot spot for holiday makers. Travelers to Dubai are always interested in how they can save some money without sacrificing on the luxury of their trip. So, here are some tips that will make you enjoy your Dubai vacation, without ruining your budget

  1. Do your research

Like anywhere else in the world, there are budget travel options available in Dubai, but you have to know where and how to look for them. The hotel prices online aren’t always accurate so it’s best to ask people you trust who have visited the place before. Another great tool for comparing hotels is You can use a series of filters like location, price and amenities to find the perfect place for your trip.

  1. Stay in a hostel

Hostels are perfect for budget travelers because they offer cheap price and lots of amenities that you won’t get at other accommodations. They also have active social scenes with common areas and shared kitchens, so if you’re planning to meet new people on your trip, this is the way to go. Trust me, you’ll be able to make friends from all over the world at a hostel in Dubai. If you want, you can also try out AirBnB for cheaper accommodation options.

  1. Eat local food

Dubai has many restaurants offering international cuisines, but as much as possible, try out what the city offers locally since it can turn out to be considerably cheaper. There are many local restaurants in Dubai that offer great food at affordable prices, so do not forget to check them out.

  1. Take public transportation

The public transport system in Dubai is cheap and efficient, so you should take advantage of it. The regular taxis can be very expensive, and your ride will cost more if you’re going through busy parts of the city or during rush hour. To avoid these charges, try using the metro.

Avoid shopping at the expensive malls

  1. Do not visit during the peak season

Dubai is an extremely popular tourist destination that gets flooded by people from all over the world during certain times of the year. If you can avoid these time periods, then you would definitely be saving money on rooms and tickets.

If you want to visit Dubai during less crowded days, try visiting between June and August for a great experience.

  1. Avoid shopping at the expensive malls

The Dubai Mall is the biggest one in the world, but if you head on over there and shop around, then you might pay more than what you should have. Even though some of the stuff that they sell is imported from other parts of the world, it’s still best to check out the local markets for better prices. The Gold Souk has a wide range of gold jewelry; bargaining is not only allowed there, but also expected.

  1. Use Groupon

Groupon is one of the most reliable sources for deals on things to do in Dubai. If you’re heading there soon, then grab a Groupon deal before your trip. It’s hard to find places that offer coupons or discounts on their products, so Groupon can be a huge help when planning your vacation.

  1. Plan your vacation in advance

Plan ahead and get tickets early so they’re cheaper – it can cost up to 20% less if you book flights more than 3 months before departure date.

In conclusion, Dubai is a luxurious city with the world’s tallest building, but that doesn’t mean you need to compromise on your budget. With these simple tips for saving money when visiting Dubai, you’ll be able to have all the fun without breaking your wallet!


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