It would be really hard to find a public transport system that is more user-friendly than the Dubai Metro. Unlike many other public transportation systems in the world, the Dubai Metro is advanced, safe, spotless and super easy to navigate while also being fully automated and driverless. Spanning across 89.6 km, it connects a host of tram and city bus networks. Here is all that you need to know about getting around Dubai by using the metro on your next trip to the beautiful Emirate:

Making Your Way Through Dubai On The Metro

Inter-city travel is considerably easy on the metro as there are just two lines in the Dubai Metro. First is the Red Line, which passes through Sheikh Zayed Road, Rashidiya and to the UAE Exchange Station in Jebel. On the other hand, the Green Line covers areas that surround Old Dubai, Dubai Creek and Deira.

Information About Ticketing

It is possible for travelers to purchase single, day-pass and return tickets from ticketing offices at the Metro station and vending machines. In case you wish to travel via the metro frequently along with other modes of transportation, including the tram or bus, it would be good for you to purchase a rechargeable card known as the Nol Red Ticket, for trips around town.

Tips To Ensure Smooth Traveling

Business Travel

In case you are visiting Dubai for business purposes and want to travel to the commercial hubs located at the Financial Center, World Trade Center and Business Bay, then you should opt for the Red Line.

Tips To Ensure Smooth Traveling

  • Dubai Metro’s carriages are clean and spotless. While traveling, make sure that you do not eat or drink, litter around or place your feet on the seats as doing so can lead to a fine being charged
  • The Dubai Metro is very efficient and fully automated, hence, you should avoid making a run for the carriages once the doors start closing. If you are late, just wait for the next train, which is sure to arrive in max 7 minutes
  • During rush hour, the trains run every 3 minutes – 5-7 minutes at other times
  • Women and children have special carriages assigned to them, and men should avoid getting on them as it can incur a fine. If you want, you can purchase a special ticket and get on the private Gold Class cabins, which are inaccessible otherwise. Children under the age of 5 who are under 90 cm in height can travel for free.

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