Dubai is a city that’s full of surprises. The Emirate is known for its high-end shopping, luxurious hotels and incredible restaurants. It has the tallest building in the world, an indoor ski slope and even hosts its own fashion week. In this blog post, we will be discussing how to prepare yourself before visiting Dubai, so that you can have an amazing experience without any hiccups along the way.

Things to Pack

It is important to pack light when traveling, but being prepared with the right clothes for Dubai can be tricky. The weather in Dubai is very different from what you may have experienced before – it’s dry and hot, so you need to pack accordingly. Here’s what you need to take along:

  • A few pairs of comfortable shoes and sandals
  • Light colored clothing
  • Swimwear and sun protection if needed. Dubai is hot, so you may want something more substantial than just SPF 30 on your skin.
  • A sun hat and sunglasses
  • Cardigan for evenings. Dubai can get chilly at night, even in the summer months!
  • Your passport

How to Get Around

Taxis are the most popular means of transport in Dubai and can be hailed on the street or booked ahead over the phone – just make sure that you agree with the price beforehand. Rental cars are also readily available from a number of locations. The Dubai Metro is also an easy way to get around the city and avoid traffic jams.

What To Do in Dubai?

Dubai is full of activities and events for tourists. You can:

  • Visit a desert safari to see the beautiful landscape or enjoy a camel ride
  • Relax on one of Dubai’s many beaches, such as the Jumeirah Beach, Marina Beach and the Al Mamzar Beach Park
  • Indulge in shopping at the Dubai Mall or The Mercato Mall
  • Spend a day out with friends on a golf course, go quad biking in one of the many desert locations or try out sand boarding
  • Visit the countless tourist destinations, including the Dubai Creek, Dubai Museum, The Al Fahidi Quarter, Gold Souq, Sheikh Saeed Al Makhtoum House and Jumeirah Mosque

What To Do in Dubai?

Where to Stay

Dubai has a range of accommodation options for tourists. The Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Jumeirah Al Qasr or Burj al Arab are all fantastic high-end hotels in Dubai that offer luxury service and proximity to the city’s main attractions. If you would prefer something more affordable there is no shortage of holiday, self-service apartments and bed and breakfasts to choose from.

Food and Drink

Dubai is home to an incredible selection of restaurants – some are even internationally renowned such as Nobu. There is also a range of cuisines to cater to all preferences, from Lebanese and Egyptian food to Indian, French and more. Alcohol is available in Dubai, but it must be purchased at a licensed liquor store, such as MMI using your passport. Alcohol prices may be higher than what is available at home so keep this in mind when budgeting for your trip!

Some high-end restaurants will also require reservations due to high demand so make sure you book in advance if you are keen to visit a particular restaurant.

Safety Precautions 

Dubai is a relatively safe city, especially when compared to other popular tourist destinations. Crime rates are low and tourists are unlikely to encounter any major issues, but it’s important that you take the necessary precautions. Make sure your belongings are secure at all times and do not keep large sums of cash in your wallet or out on display when walking around the city streets.

The bottom line is that Dubai can be a fun and fascinating place to visit, but it’s important to know what you’re getting into. Make sure you research your visa process beforehand so you have all the information necessary before your arrival. And if possible, make use of an expert travel agency that will help plan out every detail and answer any questions that you may have!


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