The celebration of the Dubai National Day is marked by an explosion of colors and sounds as a spectacular display of fireworks light up the sky. The “National Day” is celebrated annually on December 2nd to commemorate the formation of United Arab Emirates in 1971, when six emirates joined together to form one country.


From dazzling ceremonies to outstanding displays of firework, the UAE National Day is one that is celebrated equally by both locals and expatriates. On December 2, 1971, the rulers of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al-Ain, Ajman, Umm al-Quwain and Sharjah signed a pact to form the United Arab Emirates. The United Arab Emirates was formed under the leadership of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the country’s first president. Ras Al Khaimah chose to join and become the seventh Emirate in February 1972. Every year since, the UAE National Day has been celebrated throughout the country with a burst of jubilant celebrations.

The colors of the national flag are visible in every area you look on and even a few days before the UAE National Day, from homes and streets to people and automobiles. Every single aspect of life in the Emirates is splashed in red, white, black, and green, with flags flying from prominent buildings all over the country. Families and friends gather together to celebrate and reflect on UAE National Day, which is a national holiday.

Join in on the fun!

Around the UAE, each Emirate’s local corniche is always the center of action. The waterfront is enlivened with colorful floats adorned with designs and likenesses of Sheikh Zayed, which elicit cheers from the crowd. Beaches frequently transform into outdoor exhibitions for the day with sand sculptures. At the end of the day, Emirati residents join in on the fun by going out to watch fireworks light up cities across the Emirates.

If you’re in Dubai on UAE National Day, go to the Global Village where a huge crowd sings the national anthem. You can also visit the Dubai Mall, where ayala dances are performed by troupes. For the greatest show, the Burj Khalifa is known for having an amazing LED show too. You can also see the famous Dubai Fountains that present an outstanding show that is choreographed to the national anthem of the UAE. For the ultimate show, don’t miss fireworks lit up against the breathtaking Burj Al Arab.



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